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14 Ukrainian Dishes You Must Try

Ukraine is one of Eastern Europe’s greatest treasures. This country has a long and rich history and beautiful landmarks, which guarantees for an exciting trip! They say that the best…

Ukraine is one of Eastern Europe’s greatest treasures. This country has a long and rich history and beautiful landmarks, which guarantees for an exciting trip!

They say that the best way to learn about a country is to see it through the perspective of locals. You should visit their favorite cafes, learn about their customs and put yourself in their shoes.

One of the ways to do that is to try the traditional food that they grew up with.

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe and it has a well developed agriculture. Its many plains allow locals to grow their own food and use fresh ingredients in their diet. If you’re a lover of real, organic food, Ukraine is the right place for you!

Here’s a list of some of the best Ukrainian dishes to try on your next trip there!


One of the most famous dishes in Ukraine is borscht. It has a very long tradition, so you could say they perfected it by now!

There’s over 30 types of this soup and they’re all based on vegetables, such as beets, cabbage and potatoes. Even though this is a great vegan dish, certain recipes include some type of meat or fish. It will give you such a warm, homey feeling that you’ll feel like you’re in your grandma’s dining room!


This is the dish that you’ll surely try if you spend New Year’s Eve in an Ukrainian restaurant. They traditionally serve it as an appetizer on this holiday. It’s essentially a jelly pudding made with fish or meat stock and various vegetables. The texture might be something you’ll have to get used to, but every foodie must try it!


Ukrainians are the best when it comes to specialties made with dough! One of them are, without a doubt, piroshki. Piroshki are buns usually filled with meat, vegetables or cheese and often served with sour cream. They can either be fried or baked but both are equally as good. These are a perfect breakfast on-the-go, as well as a filling lunch – the choice is yours!


Here’s a combination you’ve probably never tried before – pork lard, rye bread and herbs. Besides being full of vitamins, pork lard (salo) has a surprisingly rich flavor. You can choose your toppings based on your preferences. If you combine salo with onions you’ll recreate an old-school Ukrainian appetizer!


These potato pancakes are your ideal breakfast food! Made with grated potatoes, eggs and onions, they’re a perfect combination of rich and crunchy. However, eating them as a side for lunch is not unusual. Ukrainians often top them with sour cream or mushroom sauce. You can’t go wrong with potatoes!

Chicken Kiev

The dish that carries the name of the Ukrainian capital just has to be exceptional. Even though at first sight it might seem like chicken you’ve eaten before, the key is in the method of preparation.

Chicken breast is rolled around cold butter first and then covered with eggs and bread crumbs. Chicken Kiev can also be stuffed, but sometimes, the simple recipe is best.
You can try this dish in various restaurants around the world, but trying it in Ukraine is something else!


Kovbasa is Ukrainian homemade sausage. Many families that live in villages still make their own kovbasa, with organic chicken or pork. Besides meat, it is prepared with fats and spices that give it a wonderful aroma. It is so much better than store bought sausages.


If you thought good crepes only existed in France, you were so wrong! Ukrainians have their own version and they are absolutely delicious. They can be filled with some type of cheese or even minced meat. They’re best when eaten fresh with sour cream on the side. The sweet ones are filled with fruit jam or a unique traditional combination – cottage cheese and raisins.


Varenyky are Ukrainian dumplings made with various fillings: ground meat, mashed potatoes, fried sauerkraut and many more.  They’re often served as a part of Christmas Eve dinner. The sweet version of varenyky is filled with fruit and drenched in butter. Make sure you try both!


Even though it’s not a dish, you mustn’t leave Ukraine without trying their bread. It’s deeply rooted in their culture, hence the traditional form of showing hospitality by giving your guests bread and salt.

Ukrainians are famous for their crops, especially rye, barley and buckwheat. They put so much love in the process of making bread and we guarantee that Ukrainian bread will be among the best you’ve ever tried!


This is another thick hearty soup Ukrainians love. There are three kinds of solyanka, depending on what you choose as your main ingredient – meat, fish or mushrooms.
If you choose meat, you can also add sausages, pickles, onions, capers and many other ingredients.

The one with mushrooms is baked in the oven after cooking and covered with breadcrumbs.

Fish solyanka has a fresh taste thanks to the lemon juice that’s added at the end.


If you love doughnuts, you’ll love pampushky. They’re little balls of dough filled with berries, rose preserve or poppy seeds and topped with powdered sugar. If you’re eating borscht, it will sometimes be served with savoury pampushky and garlic sauce on the side. These will make your mouth water.


Ukrainians have been eating kutia since the prehistoric times. It’s a mix of wheatberries, poppy seeds and honey, and sometimes nuts. It is always served during Christmas dinner. However, you can still eat it for breakfast or as a dessert after your meal. Not only is it tasty but very healthy as well.


Golubtsi are just plain delicious! They’re sauerkraut rolls filled with minced meat and rice. Of course, Ukrainians add various spices and herbs.

The rolls are then either cooked or baked until the meat is done. Making golubtsi requires skills, so make sure you search for a good cook. They are worth the effort!

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7 Places You Must See On a Road Trip In France

Ever thought about a road trip in Europe? Try France! The country will surely offer you an unforgettable road trip. France has a diverse landscape and a rich history you…

Ever thought about a road trip in Europe? Try France! The country will surely offer you an unforgettable road trip. France has a diverse landscape and a rich history you can discover.

Ready To Go?

A very important thing you need during this road trip is obviously a car. If you are not able to drive to the capital with your own car, there are a lot of options for renting a car in Paris.

When you book your car in advance, the car will be ready at the airport when you arrive, so you can start your trip immediately. This saves you a lot of time.

7 Places You Must See On a Road Trip In France


Paris is the perfect place to start your road trip adventure. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, and the Sacre Coeur are just some of the iconic sights you can see here.

If you have already seen these sights, you can go to the Montparnasse Tower which is one of the highest buildings in the city. The view is even better than the one from the Eiffel Tower.

Other fantastic attractions include the Catacombs of Paris and Jardin des Plantes where you can see hundreds of exotic and beautiful plants and flowers.

If you love modern art visit the Centre Pompidou.


This region of France is famous for its fishing villages, old cities and impressive coastline with big rocks and beautiful beaches. Visit the region’s medieval cities and discover the traces of the Roman Ages.

Bretagne offers some great opportunities for nature lovers, especially for hikers. The GR 34 which is 160-km walk has it all! There are also some great surf spots.

If you want to just casually explore the area by car, don’t miss Rennes which is the capital of the region. The city has a lovely Saturday morning market.


Keep in mind that you’ll need more than a day in Bordeaux. See the city’s beautiful bridges, impressive buildings, and small streets filled with cafes and restaurants.

Bordeaux is famous for wine so pay a visit to a nearby winery and try some of the world’s best wines.


On your way to the south coast of France, you will drive across Toulouse. This city has a
medieval city center with beautiful museums and churches.

Toulouse is France’s space capital, so once you are here don’t miss the Cite De L’Espace theme park. Thanks to the moonwalk simulator, you can train like a real astronaut here.

The city has an interesting foodie scene too. The local specialties include goose liver, duck breast, and Toulouse sausage.


If you happen to be in France during June or July, don’t miss Avignon and its festival. There are plenty of musical performances and outdoor theatres in the city.

Avignon is famous for one of the largest and most important Gothic buildings in Europe – Palais des Papes. Just next to the palace is another famous tourist attraction – the Pont Saint-Benezet.


Marseille is a cool and hip coastal city on the Mediterranean coast. It has beautiful beaches, impressive architecture, interesting museums, and great shopping malls. There are also plenty of creative spaces which are redecorated by young artists.

See the Old Port of Marseille and the city center which is filled with wonderful cafes and restaurants. From the harbor, you can take different boat trips such as the one to the Calanques or the island of If.


Nice is one of the nicest cities on the Côte d’Azur. It has a lovely city center where you can still feel and see the eventful history with Italian influences.

Start your day at the Cours Saleya – a lively market where you can stock up on fruits and vegetables. You will also find some amazing flowers.

Once you are done with the market, head to the Promenade des Anglais. Don’t miss the Castle of Nice which offers wonderful views of the city.

If you want to discover other great things to do in Nice click here.

If you have rented a car by EasyTerra, you can leave it from your pickup location or leave your rented car in Nice and fly back home.

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Nowadays, backpacks have become high-tech accessories with a range of useful features. They are capable of charging your phone, playing music, and even streaming videos. They are water-resistant and anti-theft friendly.

Here you’ll find a list of 10 best smart backpacks you can buy on AliExpress for less than $50. They’re suitable for travel, work, or school.

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8 French Cities To Visit In Winter

From skiing in the Alps to exploring fantastic Christmas markets, French cities offer plenty of things to do even during offseason. To help you narrow down your selection, we’ve compiled…

From skiing in the Alps to exploring fantastic Christmas markets, French cities offer plenty of things to do even during offseason.

To help you narrow down your selection, we’ve compiled a list of 8 French cities to visit in winter.

8 French Cities To Visit In Winter


Provence is not the first region that comes to mind when deciding where to go during winter months. Most lodges and restaurants in the area are closed, except for a small charming town Cassis, which is located between Marseille and La Ciotat.

The town and its vicinity offer some good opportunities for hiking, thanks to a number of GR footpaths (known as the Grande Randonnée in French). A path called Calanques is the most famous one, and it leads all the way to Marseille.

Cycling and mountain biking are also possible.

Cassis is very charming during Christmas time. The town has many interesting local traditions and visitors can enjoy sampling delicious desserts at the city’s Christmas market.

At winter you’ll be able to see this Mediterranean gem in a totally new light.

If you prefer a guided tour check some of these;


french cities to visit in winter - colmar

Colmar is a charming town which can be easily accessed from major French cities by TGV trains. The best way to explore it is on foot and with a camera in hand.

The Dominican church, Unterlinden museum, and the Bartholdi museum are some of the most famous attractions in the town. However, Colmar is mainly known for its wonderful architecture and narrow streets.

That’s the reason why Christmas in Colmar is like something out of a fairytale. There’s a lovely Christmas market and the town hosts a number of open-air events and concerts.

You’ll enjoy the lights, the smell of freshly baked ginger biscuits and mulled wine.

It’s a great destination to visit with your partner because of the romantic atmosphere.

Colmar has many gourmet restaurants, including a few Michelin ones.

If you plan to stay longer, you can get a tourist pass which gives you free entry to 56 sites.


french cities to visit in winter

Annecy is well-known for its magical Alpes Christmas event. The town hosts many concerts and offers fun activities such as a skating-rink. This event lasts for the whole month of December and it’s one huge celebration. The city’s architecture looks even more beautiful with all the lights.

If you are into something more adventurous, the closest ski resort to Annecy is Semnoz, which is 20 minutes away. A lot of companies offer snow walks of the area too.

If you would like to see Annecy and its lake in a totally new light, coming here during winter might positively surprise you. You can always warm yourself with a local mulled wine or hot chocolate!

Here are some suggested activities:


Visiting Nice during winter has its own special charm. There are no hoards of tourists and the city is much more enjoyable for exploration. And not just that! The art buffs will appreciate fewer crowds in the city’s museums and galleries.

The Museum of Photography is one of the city’s highlights.

Nice is also a fantastic shopping destination, with many discounts available during the winter sales period.

In winter, the city is home to one of Europe’s greatest carnivals which takes place from February 17th to March 3rd.

Here are some great things to do in Nice;


Blois is a lovely place, famous for its impressive castles. It’s easily accessible from Paris as the journey takes about one hour and thirty minutes. It’s small, compact and discoverable by foot, which makes it an ideal short break from huge cities like Paris.

The most impressive attraction is the Château of Blois, which used to be the residence of several French kings.

The tourist organization of Blois offers great maps with suggested walking itineraries which you’ll find very helpful.

When here, don’t forget to try local chocolate. The production started in 1847 when Auguste Poulain opened his first shop in the city.


french cities to visit in winter

Chamonix is one of the most popular tourist resorts in the Alps. It’s home to Mt. Blanc – the highest peak in Western Europe. Very close to Chamonix is the Mer de Glace glacier – a third largest in the Alps.

The outdoor buffs will enjoy the possibilities for skiing and ice climbing. Chamonix is a resort known for advanced skiers, but if you are not one, worry not!

You can explore the beautiful town and its main street Rue du Docteur Paccard, which is a pedestrianized zone. The town is filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops.

There are various clothing stores, such as the North Face, Oxbow, Mammut, Colombia, Blue Ink, Lacoste and others.

Chamonix has a wide array of international restaurants where you can sample the French, Japanese, or Italian cuisine. The options are endless.

Most hotels have spas where you can relax for a small entry fee.

Here are some great things to do in Chamonix;


Bordeaux is beautiful during the spring and summer months but there are still plenty of things to do here during winter as well. In recent years, the art scene became richer and new museums and galleries are opening up quite often.

You can also visit Auditorium or the Opera National de Bordeaux and enjoy a concert of classical music.

Bordeaux is another city with a lovely Christmas market which is located along the Allées de Tourny. It opens on November 24th. The market is great for sampling some nice desserts or wine, but also for doing some shopping. You’ll find the artisan perfumes, local wine, potteries, chocolate and more.

Here are some awesome tours of the city;

If you prefer to sightsee alone, you can get a Bordeaux tourist pass.


french cities to visit in winter

Paris is an amazing place to visit throughout the year, but during winter months it has a unique charm. The city is filled with many Christmas markets where you can try some delicious desserts or simply warm yourself with a cup of spicy mulled wine. The most famous markets are Trocadero and La Defence Christmas market.

The city has many spas where you can escape the cold and relax for a couple of hours.

If you prefer something more active, simply dress up well and go for a long winter walk along the Seine or explore Montmartre or the Marais.

The city is simply magical during winter.

Here are some awesome tours you can take in Paris;

Louvre Museum – Timed Entrance Ticket 

Paris Catacombs – Skip the lines ticket

Disneyland Paris – 1 day ticket 

Picasso Museum – Full Day Priority Access


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25 Great Photography Accessories You Can Get On AliExpress For Less Than $20

Are you looking for some useful photography accessories that won’t break the bank? You’ve come to the right place. There is no shortage of accessories on the photography market, but…

Are you looking for some useful photography accessories that won’t break the bank? You’ve come to the right place.

There is no shortage of accessories on the photography market, but here, we have compiled some really useful ones that you can get for a fraction of price.

Happy shopping! 🙂

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Traditional Greek Desserts You Have To Try

If you had to choose the factors that make a place interesting to travel to, what would you pick? Let us guess: rich culture, beautiful landscapes, great food and a…

If you had to choose the factors that make a place interesting to travel to, what would you pick? Let us guess: rich culture, beautiful landscapes, great food and a couple more. If we guessed right, listen to our advice and put Greece on your travel destination list.

This Mediterranean gem has everything you could possibly want from a travel experience. One of those things is the food, which manages to be healthy and incredibly tasty at the same time.

Once you try the entrees and main courses, make sure you leave room for dessert. Whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong. Greek desserts are famous for being so tasty, you’ll come back to Greece just to have some more!

Here’s a list of some of the most delicious ones you should try. The unique specialties vary from street food classics to restaurant delicacies. If you’re hungry, proceed with caution!

Traditional Greek Desserts You Have To Try

Greek Kataifi

At first glance, this might remind you of thin ramen noodles. But, we promise, kataifi is so much better than that and it won’t disappoint you!

This unique dessert is made with a specific shredded dough and then topped with an aromatic syrup. You will recognize lemony notes and cinnamon in the syrup and the fresh butter on top of the dough.

The center is filled with finely chopped nuts – either almonds and walnuts or pistachios. It’s perfect if you’re in the mood for something crunchy and sweet!

Greek Kataifi is a perfect representation of typical Greek desserts. It is rich and very sweet, but, most of all, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!


If you ask any Greek man or woman what’s the best breakfast food, they will recommend bougatsa. This flaky pastry is a real Greek treasure and it can be found pretty much everywhere you go!

Whether you like a sweet or savory breakfast, bougatsa is a perfect option. But the sweet one is more famous and, in our opinion, much more flavorful. Have in mind that you don’t have to eat it for breakfast only, but as a dessert as well!

It is made of thin phyllo dough which is filled with rich, creamy custard. The heavenly aroma also comes from the cinnamon, which is traditionally sprinkled on top. Make sure you have it fresh and hot, so you could taste the butteriness!

Bougatsa is guaranteed to top your list of best sweet pastries and, possibly, best Greek desserts. Just think of it this way: being able to have dessert for breakfast is what life is all about!


On some days, there’s just nothing better than an old-fashioned baklava. It exudes a certain warm and homey feeling, especially if it’s authentic. If you’d like to try one made from someone’s grandma’s recipe, you should definitely try it in Greece!

The basic version of this well-known dessert is made with layers of thin phyllo and filled with ground walnuts. It is then drenched in sugar syrup, which gets completely absorbed.

There are many different variations of it that you should try. Some include raisins along with walnuts, while others are made with ground pistachios. If you’re a lover of all nuts, you could try one with a combination of a few of them. Also, don’t miss the baklava with rose water!

In Greece, baklava is usually made for special occasions and events. But, isn’t being in Greece special enough? Tuck in!


Not to be confused with the Turkish sweet with the same name, Greek halva is a type of pudding. It’s traditionally made with semolina flour and only a couple more ingredients. If you’re vegan, you’ll be happy to know you can eat as much of this dessert as you wish!

If you’d like to try to make a Greek dessert at home, this is the one to start with. It is delicious, but also very simple to create.

Halva contains one of the best Greek products – olive oil. It is incredibly tasty but also rather healthy at the same time.

Sometimes, beauty really lies in simplicity. With only a few ingredients, halva is without a doubt one of the best traditional Greek desserts!


Just like everywhere else in the world, the Greeks love celebrating holidays with traditional treats. That’s why every year for Christmas, Greek families make melomakarona – Greek Christmas cookies!

These wonderful, crunchy cookies are very refreshing and rich. Besides the usual Christmas ingredients like cinnamon or nutmeg, they also contain cognac and orange zest. Yum!

Even if you’re not in Greece during the holidays, you must try melomakarona. They’re a perfect treat alongside a cup of coffee or tea!


Loukoumades are another street food classic. Everyone who grew up in Greece has memories of eating these during their childhood. If you’re a lover of doughnuts and fried food in general, don’t look any further!

You must try these little balls of dough, deep fried and dipped in honey or chocolate sauce. You can ask for some cinnamon or walnuts on top, for an extra bit of flavor!

Although nowadays these are commonly served on festivals and markets, they have been around long before those came to existence. Believe it or not, even ancient Greek writers mentioned them in their work!

While you’re in Greece, make sure you eat them as often as possible. You can find them on every corner, so try and find your favorite ones! Why not spoil yourself a bit?

Portokalopita (Orange cake)

If you’re looking for a perfect summer dessert, this is it. Portokalopita combines two things Greece is known for – Greek yogurt and fresh oranges.

Originally, this Greek dessert comes from the island of Crete, and only one bite will transport you there. This moist cake is, like many Greek desserts, finished with a soaking syrup and a bit of cinnamon.

When you bite into it, you’ll be overwhelmed with the creaminess of the yogurt and the crisp orange taste. The ingredients are combined flawlessly and are even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

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