Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in the Dalmatian region, the park is home to a series of cascading waterfalls that are fed by the Krka River. Visitors can swim in the river’s pools, hike through the park’s forests, and explore its medieval monasteries. The park also offers stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. Whether you’re looking for a day trip from Split or a longer excursion from Zagreb, Krka National Park is definitely worth a visit.

How to get to Krka National Park

The best way to reach the park is by car or bus. Buses operate daily from Zadar, Split, and Sibenik, and there is also a regular shuttle service from Skradin. Once you arrive at the park, there are a number of different ways to explore its many attractions.

Another option is to book a tour so you don’t have to worry about figuring out the transport to get there and how to buy entry tickets.

Best time to visit Krka National Park

The peak season for tourism is July and August, when the weather is warmest and the days are longest. However, this also means that the park will be busiest during these months.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, the best time to visit Krka national park is in May or September. The weather will still be pleasant, but there will be fewer tourists. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the park in all its autumnal glory.

What to do in Krka National Park

There are a number of different things to do in Krka national park, and visitors can easily spend a day or two exploring the area.

Hiking in Krka National Park

One of the most popular activities is hiking, and there are a number of different trails that wind through the park.

These are the most popular hiking trails:

  • Skradin Bridge – Skradinski Buk Trail
  • Lozovac – Skradinski Buk Trail
  • Goriš – Torak Trail
  • Rogovo trail

The list, however, is not exhaustive. You can check all the amazing trails here.

Boat ride in Krka National Park

Visitors can also take a boat ride down the Krka River, which is one of the most popular activities.

Krka Monastery

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Krka National Park, the Krka monastery is a must-see. It’s the most significant Serbian Orthodox monastery in Croatia founded in the 13th century. Visitors can admire its architecture and take a leisurely stroll through the grounds.

Where to stay in Krka National Park

There are a few campgrounds just outside the park, and they’re all well-maintained. The most popular ones are:

  • Camp Marina
  • Camp Skradinske Delicije
  • Camp Robeko

If you’re looking to stay somewhere more spacious you’ll need to look for nearby cities such as Sibenik, Lozovac or Skradin.