As tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the world, a lot of effort is required in the fields of marketing and branding by respective National Tourism Organisations. And as such, every country tries to position themselves in the market by being more original via their unique tourism branding.

This post comes after the National Tourism Organisation of the Czech Republic, decided to re-brand their country as Czech RepubLIKE, as ‘like’ couldn’t get any more overrated already. You don’t need to change your country’s name to ‘LIKE’ to make it more social friendly, therefore we ‘like’ the video accompanying their campaign much better than the logo.

Below we have a list of logos representing the tourism industry in specific countries all over Europe. Each logo should differentiate the country to another one and make it more unique; but, are they really that original when it comes to visual identity?

Let’s take a look.


albania tourism logo


andorra tourism logo


Austria tourism logo


belgian tourist office logo


bulgaria tourism logo


croatia tourism logo


cyprus tourism logo




estonia tourism logo


finland tourism logo


france tourism logo


georgia tourism logo


germany tourism logo


greece tourism logo


hungary tourism logo


iceland tourism logo


ireland tourism logo


Italy tourism logo


latvia tourism logo

Of course, logos do not represent the branding of a country and its tourism organisation as a whole. That’s why for example, the Croatian tourist board won the award for the best tourism film in Warsaw this year called “Ode to Joy”. The Austrian logo is quite simple with the saying “Holidays in Austria”. The Cypriot logo is one of the best in my opinion because it represents the sun and sea – two elements that Cyprus is the most famous for. The Finnish and Danish logos are quite simple, whilst the Italian logo is very poor for a country with one of the richest histories on the continent.

If I had to pick a country I would visit next, but based only on the LOGO, then it would be: Albania and Cyprus.

Let’s continue.


lithuania tourism logo


luxembourg tourism logo


malta tourism logo


montenegro tourism logo


netherlands tourism logo


poland tourism logo


portugal tourism logo


Romania tourism logo


serbia tourism logo


slovakia tourism logo


slovenia tourism logo


spain tourism logo


sweden tourism info


switzerland tourism logo


turkey tourism logo


great britain tourism logo


The logo of Luxembourg is very simple but with a very modern and colourful typography and if such a logo was intended to be simple, they should look like this one. The Dutch logo represents one of the national symbols with very nice typography and in orange colour, which is the main colour associated with the country.

The Polish logo is a great example of how tourism logos should look, and it’s one of the better ones if not the best on the list. It represents forests, seas and mountains and therefore promotes the country as nature friendly.

Serbia’s logo is colorful whilst the Romanian one also has a feel for nature.

Sweden has a simple logo with nice and modern typography, but on the other hand Sweden along with Norway is doing amazing job on promoting their countries on social media services.

The Swiss logo is another example of a nice but simple logo, with great typography and most importantly a strong message.

If I had to pick the countries that I would visit next, only based on their logo, they would be: the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.

And what about you? Which logo did you like the most? Or which one do you like the least? Let us know in the comments below!

All images belong to their respective National Tourism Organisations.