I’ve first heard about the SleepMaster mask from the Tim Ferriss Show and decided to try it out myself. It’s great to use if you have troubles falling asleep but it becomes especially handy during travel.

You can use it:

  1. While trying to fall asleep in a place other than your home

  2. While traveling (airplane, train, hotel or hostel stays)

  3. Or even for meditation!

What makes SleepMaster different from the other masks on the market is that it provides a noise relief too. Traditional masks usually just cover your eyes so you will also need to use earplugs. SleepMaster does both as it covers your head and ears making it an all-in-one mask. You’ll also get a pair of earplugs if you want complete noise reduction because the mask doesn’t offer total sound blocking for safety reasons. The complementary earplugs are also of excellent quality as they are non-allergenic and non-irritating. Airport workers use them too.

Sleep Master mask

This mask is ideal for long travels by plane, train or bus and especially if you are staying in hostels or other loud places. As mentioned above it serves many purposes so you can use it anytime-anywhere!

With its Velcro closure the mask is adjusted to fit everyone so you don’t need to worry about the size. My first impression after putting the mask is how lightweight its design is and how comfortable it feels. I’ve found that adjusting the mask too tightly is the best way to keep it stay in place all night long but you can adjust it in any way you like.

Besides the obvious benefits for travel SleepMaster is great for every day life too. How? Some of the greatest minds in history used to take power naps, also known as the polyphasic sleep. SleepMaster is great for this and it can improve your memory and concentration.

If you wonder about the material the outter part is made of fine polyester stretch satin and the interior of lightweight cotton and polyester; no latex or foam.

For only 22$ and a mask that offers all-in-on sleep solution I recommend SleepMaster to any traveler. With a 30-day money back guarantee why not try it out?

You can order the mask on SleepMaster’s official website or via Amazon.