Serbia has some great mountains but one in particular seems to be very underrated. Suva Planina (meaning the Dry Mountain) is especially beautiful but still not enough known among travelers.

One of the reasons why this place hasn’t grown into a famous tourist attraction is poor infrastructure, so you’ll need to arm yourself with a lot of patience if you decide to explore it. However, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views and solitude.

This area is a popular excursion destination for the citizens of Nis, Serbia’s third largest city. But for people who love hiking Dry mountain offers well-marked trails to the peaks.

The highest peak is Trem (meaning porch) at 1,810 m. Other peaks that also deserve attention are Mosor (this one is especially popular among climbers) and Sokolov kamen.

One thing I suggest you do during your planning process is check the weather forecast for the mountain. Great website for that is Mountain Forecast.

Suva planina Serbia, Dry mountain Serbia

Suva planina Serbia

Suva planina Serbia 2, Dry mountain

Suva planina Serbia 3, Dry mountain

Suva planina Serbia 5, Dry mountain

How to get there

There’s a daily service from Nis to Gornja Studena which is a village at the bottom of the mountain. Unfortunately, from there to the mountain hut “Bojanine vode” you’ll need to walk 5 km as the bus doesn’t go all the way up. You can easily hitch a ride though and some people will probably offer to take you there which will save you a lot of time. I had a bumpy ride on a tractor from the village to the hut! 🙂 The trails to the peaks basically start from here and you can opt between three or four great ones.

Suva planina Serbia 4, Dry mountain

On the way to Trem

Where to stay

You can stay in Nis which is 17 km away from the mountain or Niska Banja which is a little bit closer. Niska Banja is basically a spa of Nis and it’s a famous health center in the country. It’s popular among athletes and it has a new modern wellness center. The nearby area also offers great opportunities for active holidays. You can read more in this travel guide to Nis.