Soon after World War Two, Rog Factory Ljubljana was a place for manufacturing bicycles and typewriting machines until the early 90’s when the production was closed. Since then the abandoned factory represents an alternative open space for users who developed cultural and artistic scene on site.

Rog Factory Ljubljana

The first thing you see when entering the territory of ROG is a panel labeled “Staying at your own risk on the ROG factory area“. After 15 years of falling apart in the center of Ljubljana this abandoned factory was occupied by alternative artists.

The city of Ljubljana plans to renovate this area on the basis of public-private partnership which would transform it into Contemporary Arts Centre with exhibition spaces, studios, artist in residence programmes, educational facilities but also with commercial spaces such as apartments, shops, restaurants, hotel and more. Of course, the main problem is that idea tends to be in favour of private commercial space which would make 80% of the total area.

ROG is a place where different people gather and where friendships are formed, mainly among people who work on joint projects. All that lead to creation of a new community which is known as “Rogovci“.

Besides these joint projects, they even formed their own media. Through its newsletter ROG notifies the local community with the activities that happen there and through their radio they allow young voices to be heard.

The main motto of the community is based on “temporarity”. “We do not plan things that can not be realized in less than three days” they say.

And while the future of ROG is now uncertain, this will still be a place where people of different professions gather and create in a space free of racism, hierarchy and discrimination.

Rog Factory in Ljubljana

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