RAW which is the short version of Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (railway maintenance yards) is a place full of cultural delights which are set in an old industrial complex. I absolutely love alternative cultural places, so it was great to stumble upon this complex while sightseeing the German capital. The reason for this is that desire of young people to create and build something is always inspiring.

RAW hosts a club, a bar, a theater, artist workshops, climbing playground and more. There are numerous gigs, performances and literary readings so anyone can find something they like. I haven’t partied here but if you are interested in the underground culture of Berlin I genuinely recommend this place.


Revaler Strasse 99

S-Bahn – Warschauer Strasse

Here are some photos of the place

RAW Berlin 1

RAW Berlin 2


RAW Berlin 4

RAW Berlin 5

RAW Berlin 6

RAW Berlin 7

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