Make Free International Calls With Rebtel

1 Posted by - October 1, 2013 - Technology, Travel Tips

Rebtel is a mobile VoIP provider founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006. Rebtel offers unlimited free international calls by generating a local number for you, allowing you to talk with your friends or family across different countries.

Adding your friend’s number in Rebtel’s app will instantly generate a local number for you, allowing you to call someone and even better someone calling you back without charging them anything.


In short with Rebtel you can;


  • make free international calls to other Rebtel users

  • call for free using your WiFi or 3G connection

  • call for free using your local minutes

Rebtel is available in three different platforms: iPhone, Android and Windows. It will also let you know which friends have also got the app, allowing you to make calls to these contacts entirely free if you call them using WiFi or 3G connection.

rebtel logo

Rebtel is available on different platforms

It is available in more than 50+ countries.


It makes it great for travelers and everyone else so create your account, invite your friends and call each other for free!


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