Interview with Tammy and Chris

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Our next interview is with Tammy and Chris who are gonna share some interesting tips and stories for you, from their travels around the world. Before you start reading what they have to say, you should also check their website and their social profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

1) Hello to both of you! Could you introduce yourselves to our readers and tell us a bit about your website?

Tammy: 31 years old, German, works for an NGO and is button-pusher-in-chief, writer and photographer on the blog Tammy & Chris on the move

Chris: 33 years old, English, works for an NGO

We are a couple hailing from Germany and England, meaning between us we are efficient and polite, but unable to talk about football or 20th century history. In October 2011 we stopped pushing pens around the British civil service to volunteer, travel and work abroad. We write about our travels, travel mishaps and volunteering experiences on our blog.

interview with tammy and chris

Chris and Tammy


2) Where in the world are you now? And where are you heading next?

Tammy: We are currently in Cambodia and actually have been here for 1.5 years now. Initially we came to Cambodia for a six months voluntary placement, but we both got offered paid jobs in the NGO sector afterwards, and as we have fallen head over heels for the country and its people we decided to stick around for a bit. We will be here until October this year and are not sure yet what we will be doing afterwards, but we are keen to discover more of Asia, i.e. Burma, Japan or Laos.


3) Where was your best holiday and why?

Tammy: My best holiday was a trip to Ecuador a few years ago. It combined everything I like: mountain trekking, jungle trekking and wildlife. We climbed the Cotopaxi volcano, which was my first ever high altitude climb; we trekked through the mighty Amazon rainforest and battled vampire bats; and snorkeled with penguins and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands.

interview with tammy and chris

Tammy in the Amazon

4) Is there a place you would never return to?

Tammy: As a teenager I went to Lloret de Mar in Spain and as it was one of those places where people go to party, drink a senseless amount of sangria and then fall asleep on the beach getting sunburnt. It was fun when I was young, but I think I am too old for these kinds of holidays now and I am more interested in getting to know the country, food and culture.


5) Your favourite city?

Tammy: My favourite city is Buenos Aires. The Europen style combined with the Latin passion is such a great mix. Visiting a milonga to watch locals dance the Argentine tango is one of the most amazing things to witness and if you have ever tried an Argentine filet steak you will never want to eat anything else again.


6) Your favourite holiday souvenir?

Tammy: I am such a souvenir addict – much to the distress of my hubby. I almost always buy little statues, jewelry or handbags.


7) Where did you find the friendliest people?

Tammy: I might be biased, but I think the friendliest people live in Cambodia. Despite some of the challenges some people are facing here they will share with you what little they possess and they always greet you with the biggest and most beautiful smiles in the world.

interview with tammy and chris

Smiley Cambodian woman

8) Is there something you cannot travel without?

Tammy: My DSLR camera. I take it with me all the time and take photos of everything.


9) Do you have any favourite holiday photos?

Tammy: My favourite photo is this one I have taken at the Iguassu Falls in Brazil.

interview with tammy and chris

Iguassu Falls

10) Who would be your ideal travel companion?

Tammy: Someone who is interested in the same things I am interested in. For example I am not keen on museums or churches, but love outdoor activities like trekking, so if I was traveling with a person that doesn’t like those sorts of things that would be a problem.


11) Your favourite cuisine?

Tammy: Ha ha, is it biased to say German? I grew up on that food, so I obviously like German food a lot. It is very hearty food and you can’t beat German sausages or German bread. 🙂 My second favourite cuisine is Italian though. It is really simple but flavoursome food. I love pasta, pizza, tomatoes and olives especially.


12) Are there any travel blogs you read and that you would like to recommend us?

Tammy: I read loads of travel blogs, so couldn’t possibly list them all, but my top five are,, and


13) Did you manage to work with some travel companies and how was the experience like?

Tammy: I haven’t worked with any travel companies so far, as despite being German I am far too disorganized for that, but it is definitely something I am going to look into in the near future.


14) Any travel tips for our readers?

Tammy: Don’t be shy interacting with locals. These can be some of your best experiences. They can introduce you to food you wouldn’t normally buy, drinks or alternative sights. On a field trip with work I once started talking to a girl who wanted to practice her English about food and I told her that I haven’t really tried many Cambodian deserts yet. After a while she asked me to wait for few moments and then came back with some to die for rice based deserts. I wouldn’t have been able to get those in a restaurant and it was such a nice feeling knowing that the girl whose parents clearly didn’t have much money shared some precious food with me.


15) Anything else you wish to add? 🙂

Top tip: never agree to a cleansing ritual by an Amazonian shaman. It sounds fun, but you will be spat in the face by him, which is – well – not so much fun 🙂

interview with tammy and chris

Cleansing ritual by an Amazonian shaman

[Caption: This photo was taken just before he spat in my face. Chris is still regretting to this day that he didn’t take a photo of it. Yes, I have a mean husband! 🙂 ]

Thanks a lot for giving your time to take part in this interview. Wish you all the best in your travels! 🙂




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