Belgrade City Public Transportation is often confusing to foreign visitors due to lack of information in English and more flexible tickets for tourists. The article will go through the cheapest and best ways of transportation so you know how to get around in Belgrade more easily.


1. Bus line #72

This line runs twice an hour and you can check the full timetable here.

From the Nikola Tesla Airport to Zeleni Venac From Zeleni Venac to Nikola Tesla Airport
click HERE. click HERE.


When you open the links, the first row shows hours, the second one minutes when the line runs (Monday-Friday), the third (minutes; Saturday) and the fourth (minutes; Sunday).

The cost of the ticket is 89 RSD (with BusPlus card) and 150RSD in the bus.

The journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

2. Mini Bus A1

This line operates between Slavija and the Nikola Tesla Airport.

Timetable click HERE.

Valid Mon-Fri, Saturday and Sunday.

This line runs more often than the previous one and the journey takes about 30 minutes. Ticket costs 300RSD and can be bought in the bus. More expensive but more comfortable.

3. Taxi

There are many illegal taxis outside the airport’s arrival terminal which is a shame, and many taxi drivers will offer you a ride inside the terminal building. Of course the best is to refuse and go to the TAXI INFO stand, where you can get information about your destination and the appropriate price for the taxi service. More info HERE. Usually the price will be around 1500RSD if you are going to the city center and 2000-2500RSD if you are going to the suburbs.

You can also:

1. Order taxi by a phone

2. Grab a taxi at the departure section that has just dropped off passengers.

Recommended taxi companies Beogradski Taxi, Lux Taxi, Pink Taxi


Public transport network consists of buses, trolleybuses and trams. There are several types of tickets available but these are the best for tourists;

Paper ticket for a single ride

The ticket can be bought in the bus. 150RSD  for a single far, valid for 90 minutes.

Non-personalized smart card

Valid for 3 years.

BusPlus Non-personalized smart card

BusPlus Non-personalized smart card

How much? 250RSD

If you plan to use public transportation more often this is the best option. You can get this card and fill it with as many rides as you want. Single fare is 89 RSD and is valid for 90 minutes. With this card you can also buy a 1-day pass (250 RSD), 3-day pass (700 RSD) or 5-day pass (1000 RSD). You can top the card at any kiosk in the city.

Another advantage of this card is that if you are coming with someone or as a group you can use just one card. During the validation process, you need to select ‘GRUPNA KARTA’ (group ticket), type in the number of passengers and validate the card.

Free maps of the public transport network click HERE.


These lines differ from the daily ones and they usually run every hour. Tickets are more expensive (between 150-200RSD).

Map for the night lines Timetable
click HERE. click HERE.