To be harmed from a terrorist attack while traveling abroad is statistically very low but here are some suggestions on how to increase your safety in places that are in threat of a terrorist attack. This especially applies to Turkey, Paris and other Western European capitals that have suffered recent attacks.

Follow your MFA website

You should always make it your number one resource. On your MFA website you will find the most extensive information before any trip you take. General recommendations, visa information for each country and detailed information about any country in the world. In the country’s profile you will get familiar with transportation, safety and the health situation. If you have never checked your MFA website now is the time to make it an important step in your travel planning phase.

Avoid street protests

If you are traveling to Istanbul for example try to avoid Taksim square . Street protests are the most prevalent around here. The same applies for other big squares or points of demonstrations around the world. Terrorists used Ankara rally in 2015 to kill more than 100 people. When you see a protest avoid it as much as possible. I rarely read news but it’s a good idea to follow the situation when you are in a new country. You’ll find an English speaking newspaper everywhere you go.

#Ohlauer Räumung / Protest 27.06.14 // Ohlauer / Reichenberger Straße

Public Transport Less/Bike and Walk more

Public transport is always a potential target for a terrorist attack in big cities. If possible try to use public transportation as less as you can and instead rent a bike or walk more. Walking is also rewarding as you may come across a pleasant surprise like a museum that sparks your interest or a nice restaurant.

Cycling Belgrade

Use taxi/Rent a car

If you can afford use taxi when traveling to longer distances or rent a car. If you are traveling with kids renting a car can be a good idea.

Bagdat avenue Istanbul

Avoid tourist areas

Of course this won’t be possible if you are visiting a city for the first time. If you’re visiting a place for the 2nd or 3rd time I assume you’ve seen major tourist attractions so you can skip them this time. Instead choose to explore the neighborhood where you’re staying: its food scene, bars, museums etc. By doing this you also won’t need to use public transportation that much.

Register with your embassy

Upon arrival to a destination you should register with your embassy so they can record your presence. This is helpful because the embassy will be able to contact you in case of any life threatening situation and contact your family in case of emergency. You are still responsible for your travel choices, safety, finances etc. Always buy the travel insurance and obey the laws of the country you are visiting.

Avoid sport events

In some places sport events are a great opportunity for friends or families to spend some weekend time and enjoy watching their favorite sport. However, in some countries clashes between hooligans are quite often. Terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015 also saw an attack on a football match between France and Germany meaning that thousands of people were vulnerable to the attack.

Olympic Stadium Barcelona

Save the phone number of your embassy and emergency contact numbers

This is something you should always do. Always keep the phone number of your embassy and the emergency contact numbers of the country you are visiting. In case something bad happens you’ll be able to make calls quickly. This is a great list.

Do you have any good suggestions to share regarding Europe and terrorism situation? Feel free to comment below.