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Hotel MANI Berlin – A Perfect Stay For Young Trendsetters

Planning a short trip to Berlin but have no idea where to stay? Hotel MANI Berlin by Amano Group is an ideal choice for young trendsetters, couples and business travelers…

Planning a short trip to Berlin but have no idea where to stay? Hotel MANI Berlin by Amano Group is an ideal choice for young trendsetters, couples and business travelers looking to get the most of their stay in Berlin.

Hotel and location

Mani has a wonderful location on popular Torstrasse street in Mitte district which is dotted with cool bars, restaurants, art galleries and fashion boutiques and it’s very close to Alexanderplatz, Brandenburger Tor, the Museum Island and other popular attractions. The U-Bahn is out the front door and it’s a great way to get around. As you walk inside the attention is drawn to interesting decor of the hotel lobby and an eclectic bookcase, which makes the first impression of the hotel highly positive. If you’re looking for some great bars in the vicinity, check this post too “Seven Bars in Berlin worth checking out“.

MANI hotel exterior

hotel mani lobby

Restaurant & Bar

Undoubtedly, the best thing about MANI is its design. During winter months, the ground-floor restaurant with its marble fireplace is so inviting and it’s an ideal setting for lunch or dinner. No wonder why it’s often recommended by the German travel magazines! The restaurant is mostly specialized in French cuisine with an oriental influence. If you’re only looking for a refreshment Amano Bar is a place to go for cocktail lovers.

mani restaurant

mani hotel restaurant berlin


Whilst small, the rooms are cozy which is typical for the European hotels but the beds are so comfortable! They are designed in a dark modern minimalist way, making the atmosphere in the room somewhat sexy which is ideal for couples.  All rooms offer bathroom with shower (probably the best thing about this hotel), high-quality cosmetic products, climate control, flat-screen TV and mini bar. My room was at the front of the hotel, but they are  soundproofed so no need to worry about traffic noise. The wi-fi is available throughout the hotel and is of excellent quality. If you’re bored there’s a possibility to rent laptop, iPad, Xbox and DVDs and even bicycle if you prefer to explore the city in this way.

MANI hotel room

MANI hotel room 2

It’s impossible not to love Hotel MANI. With an ideal location, stylish decor and friendly staff you’ll want to come back here again.

You can find out more at the hotel website. Photos belong to Amani group.

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Is Berlin WelcomeCard Worth Buying?

There are many advises you will get before going to Berlin and one of them is to get the Berlin WelcomeCard. Depending on which pass you choose, you can get…

There are many advises you will get before going to Berlin and one of them is to get the Berlin WelcomeCard. Depending on which pass you choose, you can get unlimited rides on the public transportation during 48h, 72h or five days or you can also buy a Berlin-Potsdam combination pass.

Besides the free transportation, the pass also includes some great insider tips and reductions for up to 50% off many sightseeing tours and attractions.

In this post I’ll review the 72h pass that I’ve used during my recent trip to Berlin but before that here’s the full offer;

Berlin WelcomeCard Tickets Berlin Berlin + Potsdam
48 h 19,50 EUR 21,50 EUR
72 h 26,70 EUR 28,70 EUR
72 h + Museum Island 40,50 EUR 42,50 EUR
5 days 34,50 EUR 39,50 EUR

How to use the BerlinWelcome Card?

To be able to use it for the free public transportation you need to validate the pass by stamping it at the yellow or red boxes on the platforms, in buses or trams  or simply show the guide before buying admission tickets.

You’ll also get the guide which includes several suggested itineraries and that’s particularly helpful for the first time visitors.

Is Berlin WelcomeCard worth buying?

A day ticket for the public transportation costs 6.90 euros which means you’d spend 20.7 EUR for 72h and the price of the card is 26,7 EUR. However, if you are a first time visitor to Berlin, you will surely visit some of the attractions that are listed in the guide which in overall will save you money. The card is also useful when shopping for souvenirs as it also offers significant discounts. Of course not everyone will be interested in majority of available deals but the pass may save you a little money or a great deal of it, especially if you are interested in culture and you plan to visit museums or theaters. The only exception are tourists who prefer to discover the city by bike. If that’s the case and you plan to visit many museums better alternative is Berlin Museum Pass.


As previously mentioned the card offers many discounts for sightseeing tours, theaters, restaurants and more. Here I’ll list the most interesting ones. If you want to see the full list head to the official website.

Sightseeing tours

25% off each

  • Berlin City Circle Sightseeing

  • Comedy Tour Berlin

  • TrabiWorld mit Trabi-Safari

  • Video Bustour

Guided tours

25% off each tour

To mention some:

  • Insider Tour Berlin

  • art:berlin

  • Mike’s SightRunning Berlin

Bicycle tours

25% off each tour

  • Berlin on bike

  • Fat Tire Bike Tours

Boat tours

  • Reederei Bruno Winkler – 25% off

  • Stern und Kreisschiffahrt – 25%


  • Berlin Dungeon – 30%

  • Legoland – 30%

  • Olympiastadion Berlin – 28%

  • The Berlin TV Tower – 25%


  • DDR Museum – 25%

  • Berlinische Galerie – 37,5%

  • Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin – 25%

  • Anne Frank Zentrum – 25%

  • Schwules Museum – 34%

Have any other tips to share? Feel free to comment below.


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Best Bars in Berlin Worth Checking Out

Berlin is a great place for drinking as it offers numerous options for everyone’s mood. From pubs, beer gardens, DJ bars, hotel lounges etc. you won’t have a problem choosing…

Berlin is a great place for drinking as it offers numerous options for everyone’s mood. From pubs, beer gardens, DJ bars, hotel lounges etc. you won’t have a problem choosing a place where to go.

There are way more underground and alternative venues in the East and here I’ll list seven bars in Berlin worth checking out. Beer is of course the most popular drink and there are many varieties from draught beer (fassbier), wheat beer (weizenbier), black beer (schwarzbier) and seasonal beer (bock). Other popular drinks are sekt (German sparkling wine), cocktails and wine. Germans love to drink weinschorle (wine with fizzy water). There’s also saftschorle (fizzy water and juice only) as an alternative.

Here are seven best bars in Berlin worth checking out;

1. Eschenbräu – Wedding area

Eschenbräu bar Berlin

Berlin is a city famous for its beer gardens and Eschenbräu located in the Wedding area is a great place to visit if you want to taste different kinds of German beer. Their own brewery produces 21 types of seasonal beer so you can try Rauchbier (smoked beer) or Black Mamba for instance. If you don’t really like experimenting you can always opt for classics such as Eschenbräu PILS, DARK or WHEAT beer. On a nice day you can sit in the garden which has 200 seats but the interior is also very interesting and is filled with the paintings depicting the entire process of brewing beer. The atmosphere is friendly and lively and it is worth going to Wedding for this place.

Rauchbier (smoked beer) - Eschenbrau bar Berlin

2. Vagabund bar – Wedding

Vagabund bar Berlin

In 2011 three American friends decided to create their own brewery so Vagabund was born. The bar is small but artsy and interior is filled with wooden chairs and tables and beer related posters on white walls. “In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is freedom. In water there is bacteria. – Benjamin Franklin” says one.  There’s a great selection of craft beers, the staff is really nice and helpful and the atmosphere certainly makes you feel that you’re in Berlin. An interesting fact is that this place is Europe’s first crowd-funded brewery. Oh and it’s known for its pumpkin spice ale in the fall!

3.Weinerei – Mitte

Weinerei bar Berlin

If you love wine go to Weinerei. During the day people usually meet here to talk and the atmosphere is pretty much relaxed. There are several types of wine on offer but also coffees, teas and a vegetarian lunch menu.  The place has an interesting concept at night. Basically you pay 2 euros to borrow a glass and then you try whatever food or wine you like. It works on  ‘pay as you want” model. The place can get crowded at night so making a reservation is a good idea. Weinerei also has a  great vintage interior, but the only downside in my opinion is that the staff seemed bit unfriendly. But all in all it’s an interesting place to visit!

4. Madame Claude – Kreuzberg

Madame Claude bar Berlin

This former brothel in Kreuzberg can literally turn your world upside down! Madame Claude is an upside down bar that hosts concerts and events starting from 7pm each day. It’s one of the hipster-ish places in Berlin and a great place to visit before going to the clubs. The interior is really cool and there are pieces of furniture stuck upside down to the ceiling. The concert hall is tiny but Madame Claude is a perfect place to chill, listen to the music and have fun. Come here for the real Berlin feel!

5. Mein Haus Am See – Mitte

mein haus am see

Source: Mein Haus Am See

Mein Haus Am See has a second-hand couches scattered all over the place and interesting wall decor. It’s very popular among hipsters and freelancers who come here to listen to the good music and to socialize. At night the place can get crowded so it might be difficult to get a couch but you can grab a cushion, sit on the stairs and do some people watching which seems like a favorite activity here. There’s an interesting selection of drinks and live music almost every night. Perfectly fits the Berlin mood.

THE UNKNOWN at Mein Haus am See (Every Tuesday) from THE UNKNOWN on Vimeo.

6. Gorki Park – Mitte

Gorki park bar Berlin

Gorki Park is a Russian-run cafe/bar in Mitte. It’s very friendly and cosy with the decor that reminds of the Soviet era. You’ll find lamps, funky wallpapers, furniture pieces and more. The food menu is rich and there’s a great selection of Russian beers. This place is particularly famous for its breakfast menu. So if you are looking for something unusual and different in Berlin go to Gorki Park.

Russian tea Gorki park Berlin

Russian tea

7. Barcomi’s Deli – Mitte

Photo: silverman68 on Flickr under CC

Photo: silverman68 on Flickr under CC

Barcomi is actually more of a cafe than a bar with two venues in Berlin. It’s a great place to relax with a cup of coffee and it also has a rich choice of sandwiches and cakes. The place can get really busy but it has that local feel so it’s worth squeezing yourself in.

I especially recommend these places if you are a first time visitor to Berlin. What are your favorite bars in the city? If you have any recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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