How to buy a Sim Card in Serbia

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Whether you’re planning a city break to Belgrade, visit to Exit Festival or vacation at the mountains or spas having a SIM card is always useful.

If you’d like to buy a SIM card in Serbia here are a few things you need to know.


There are 3 most popular mobile network operators in Serbia. These are MTS, Telenor and VIP.

When it comes to the signal, all 3 brands cover more than 90% of Serbia’s territory and they offer 4G mobile network.

In my opinion, Telenor has the best offer while VIP offers more convenient packages for new users. Note that this applies if you’d like to sign up for a contract. If you’re buying a SIM card that you will use for only a couple of days the difference is not huge at all, which you can read more about below.


Buying a SIM card is easy.

They can be bought at any kiosk, store or at the official stores of the mentioned brands.

I recommend you buy it at the official store because the kiosks sell regular sized SIM card which won’t work with most new phones. You’d need to trim the card to make it micro. Of course this can be a hassle hence I recommend the official store. Offical stores have Multi SIM card which means you get standard, micro and nano card in one package.

If you need the card immediately after you land you can buy one easily at any store at the airport.

You don’t need a passport or an ID in order to buy a prepaid SIM card.


These are the prices;

MTS: 300 RSD; initial credit 25 RSD

MTS now also has a special offer for tourists. These are Super Tourist and Tourist SIM card. With Super Tourist SIM card you get 10 GB of internet, 30 minutes for international calls and 120 minutes of mts mobile network calls. The price of this package is 1,800 RSD (15$). Tourist SIM card gives you 3x24h of 4G mobile internet. The price of this package is 600 RSD (5$). Note that some of these options expire after 7 days. You can learn more about this offer by clicking here. WiFi is widespread in Belgrade’s coffee shops and restaurants so if you don’t plan to do a lot of instagramming or to make calls you’ll probably be okay with just a regular sim card too.

Telenor: 200 RSD; initial credit 25 RSD

VIP: 200 RSD; free calls in VIP mobile network for 7 days; 2 GB of internet for 7 days

That’s a pretty sweet deal. But VIP also offers a Visitor SIM which is a great option if you’ll be using internet a lot. For 990 RSD you will get 5GB of Internet and unlimited internet data for Viber. This deal lasts 14 days. You can also make calls with this card but you’ll need to refill it separately for that matter.

I hope this will help you in your selection 😉

Topping up

This is easy. You can top the card from any kiosk or store. You just need to state how much money you’d like to add and give the phone number. Note that this will only be possible if you have a regular sim card. The minimum amount you can add is 200 RSD. If you will get any of the special offers mentioned above or if you’d like to buy extra internet etc. head to the offical store.

You can also top the card with your credit/debit card through their online shops.

Coverage and data speeds

All three brands have a very good coverage and you won’t have any problems unless you are somewhere very close to the border and the signal might be a little bit messy. Using the online shop you can buy internet data and other extra options. Overall, getting a sim card in Serbia is good value for the money.

I hope this post will help you buy a sim card in Serbia. Do you have any questions I could answer? Feel free to comment below.



  • Martin.Coe June 15, 2016 - 9:51 am Reply

    Hi, Thanks for this important info.
    My daughter is coming to check optional studies in Belgrade university and we are looking for a small apartment to rent for 1-2 years, do you know what is the best thing to do ? can she do and finish all the formalities before arriving.
    Are they and pre-paid credit cards in Belgrade that she can buy and top up ?
    thanks for all info

    • Tony November 27, 2016 - 7:53 pm Reply

      Rent in Belgrade is so much cheaper compared to most of the west, when in Paris or Berlin or London or anywhere in the USA you could only afford a room into someone’s apartment, with the same money you could get yourself a nice flat in a decent location, which is due to the low income of the population which in turn is 1/6 (or less) of the industrialized nations, and the best thing is to try to look for a place with the help of a local when she arrives, in order to avoid scams from some self defined ‘realtors’, no formalities are required whatsoever, anyone can rent a place with a passport. About the SIM cards, if the phone is unlocked, she can use any smartphone with GSM frequencies and she can buy and top it up in thousands of corner stores around the country.. if you need any advice, feel free to ask….. I was a student myself there and I’ve learned as I went, sometimes the hard way.. I hope it helps, cheers!!

  • JD Kim December 10, 2016 - 5:38 pm Reply

    Thanks for the useful information. I’m going to Serbia next week and your post will help me a lot.

  • David March 8, 2017 - 11:22 pm Reply

    Hi Zorica, thanks for the information. Just what I was looking for. I have some questions about the vip tourist sim. Can I also purchase the tourist sim at the airport?
    At the site of Vip they tell you that after the 14 days you can reactivate the same tourist bundle one more time. You have to have 990rsd in you account. What kind of account are they talking here? Any idea how to pay for the reactivation?

    “* I’m staying in Serbia for a longer period of time, can I reactivate the 5GB bonus for Internet traffic and unlimited Internet for Viber?
    By sending the message “YES” to 1400 the 5GB bonus for Internet traffic and unlimited Internet for Viber will be reactivated and available for the next 14 days. You can check your credit, used traffic, and the card expiration date by sending “?” to 1400 at any time. The bonus reactivation will be charged 900 dinars, so you must have 900 dinars or more in your account in order for the bonus to be reactivated.”

    That’s the information on the vip site.

    greetings David

    • Zorica March 11, 2017 - 10:59 am Reply

      Hi David. I’m not sure about the airport but you could check in some shops. However, the best solution is to wait until you get to the city centre and buy the card in VIP or any kiosk. On their site you can see all their stores in a map.

      As for the reactivation of Visitor SIM, you have to pay 990 RSD again (in VIP store or any kiosk) and after that you’ll get a reactivation link. Considering that the price is the same, you could also just get a new card.

      Hope that helped 🙂

  • Larisa August 14, 2017 - 7:53 am Reply

    Hi Zorica,

    I am doing a big europe trip and our first stop is belgrade. Can these plans be used throughout europe? Thanks!

    • Zorica August 14, 2017 - 1:44 pm Reply

      Hi Larisa. I am not sure if I totally understand what you meant. These plans are pre-paid and no contract is required. This means they are most suitable for a very short term usage on the territory of Serbia. If you want something that you can use throughout Europe you can check out All in one Sim or a similar service.

  • Nelson August 21, 2017 - 7:27 am Reply

    Hi Zorica! I am staying in Belgrade for 7days. Please advise the best telephone operator for internet and calls service best suitable.
    Thank you.

    • Zorica August 21, 2017 - 11:32 am Reply

      Hi Nelson. As I mentioned in the article, the difference between these operators is not that huge. However, if you plan on using internet and calls more often maybe you can check out the offer by MTS and their Super Tourist Card. You will get 10 GB of internet, 30 minutes for international calls and 120 minutes of mts mobile network calls.

      Or you can get a prepaid card from any of these operators and just top it online. If you get a prepaid card through Telenor now, you get free internet for 2 applications of your choice. Hope that helped!

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