Where To Buy a Holiday Home (Infographic)

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To buy a holiday home may seem like a luxury but a large number of tourist regions offer cheap houses, only if you know where to look. The team of researchers from Schofields Insurance made an infographic which shows the best places for buying a holiday home with the best ROI.

They closely inspected some of the most visited countries in the world and they’ve come up with this infographic. Countries that are covered are: France, USA, Spain, China and Italy along with their most visited regions.

Only 2 bedroom properties and locations that are ideal for holiday homes were covered in this research.

When it comes to the average house prices, Paris and French Riviera are topping the list in France, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands in Spain and Lombardia and Veneto in Italy. Researchers then compiled the average rental prices and the return on investment after 25 weeks.

Catalonia (18.59%), Orlando (16.70%), Balearic Islands (10.22%), Provence (9.67%) had the best return on investment, but in general, all Spanish destinations fared really well which made Spain the best place to invest in a holiday home.

Although France had the largest number of tourists in 2013, the high price of properties caused the lower return on investment than Spain’s.

Of course buying a holiday home gives you the luxury to spend your holidays in your own but also the possibility to earn some extra money from rental incomes.

The infographic can be found below;

Where to buy an international holiday home – An infographic by the team at Schofields



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