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As a Belgrade native, I always enjoy reading what others have to say about my city. Belgrade is getting more and more popular among tourists and articles about the city can be found on websites such as: The Lonely Planet, New York Times etc. The point of this post is to showcase great pieces written by other fellow travel bloggers. You’ll read positive things but also constructive criticism.

So here they are; eight excellent articles on Belgrade

The White City: Belgrade, Serbia

In this article Jennifer D.  takes you to a journey through old Belgrade and she does it pretty well. It’s a great piece to read if you are planning to visit Belgrade anytime soon.


Belgrade is uniquely beautiful.

I particularly love zoos and rarely pass one up; Belgrade Zoo was one of the best we have been to in Europe.

Serbian cuisine is very rich with heavy creams and cheeses. The stuffed peppers were a particular favorite of ours.

A spark of genius and genius of spark

Michael of Time Travel Turtle has written an article about one of the most important Belgrade museums- Nikola Tesla Museum. It is located in the central area of the city and it’s open every day but Monday.


Nikola Tesla was also the inventor of remote control, X-ray, the electric motor, lasers, and (in a broad sense) robotics.


A guide will walk around with you and demonstrate some of his inventions – including the famous Tesla coil that can light up fluorescent tubes remotely.

Edgy Belgrade: Where Chaos Meets Character

Decades after the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia has reinvented itself and it’s no longer the region’s bad boy.

While Belgrade is far from being a typical pretty European city, it’s edgy and full of character – and that’s just the way I like cities to be.

Not much to add here, enjoy the photos Nellie made.

Two Weeks: The Time It Takes To Fall In Love With Serbia

This article is not solely dedicated to Belgrade,  but it tells a lot about Serbian hospitality which was enough to include it here.


It started with a watermelon.

I had one of many “what the hell am I doing here” moments.

I’m still overwhelmed at the kindness and hospitality shown by everyone I met.

From WTF to OMFG – Communist Architecture of New Belgrade, Serbia

New Belgrade was designed and planned to be absolutely contemporary.

For an outsider, Novi Beograd is surreal.

And, seriously, this communist architecture is really cool.

You won’t find many articles on communist architecture in Belgrade, so this one was a really pleasant surprise. Great story, great photos, so what you’re waiting for? Head to Yomadic.

The Impressive Burger Scene… in Belgrade?

The pljeskavica gets its name from the word pljesak, which means “to clap hands.”

The result is good enough to warrant a journey to the Balkans.

Here’s your short guide to the most famous Serbian dish. The author recommends Loki, and so do I. They make great hamburgers. And these are nine great bars in Belgrade.

Young, hip Belgrade!

The epicenter of trendy fashion is Supermarket Concept Store.

I heard that Belgrade has an exciting party scene, and it lived up to my expectations.

I’ve had crazy nightlife experiences all around the world, and this one was one of the most unique.

Nightlife is often associated with Belgrade, so I’ll let La Karmina introduce its alternative side to you.

Belgrade, the Balkan let-down

I found Belgrade a big fat let-down.

I wanted to get under its skin, the way you have to do with Melbourne.

I’m willing to give Belgrade another go, perhaps a decade or so down the track.

As a historian Caitlyn was disappointed that people were not willing to talk about the past turbulent events. Actually I believe these were the two main reasons 1) they were too polite to start talking about the politics 2) or they lack knowledge about the recent issues.


So there you go. A bit of everything: we covered all important attractions, museums, nightlife, food. Hope this series of articles will be helpful to you and that you’ll enjoy reading them as I much as I did.


And feel free to comment below!



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