What is EuroTribe?

EuroTribe is an online travel website with focus on European destinations and all things European worldwide. Topics generally cover budget travel, cultural scene, cool local experiences but also adventurous activities and outdoors.

Who is behind EuroTribe?

EuroTribe about me page

EuroTribe is run and produced by Zorica, a blogger based in Belgrade, Serbia.
I started this blog in 2011, when I was in my first year of University and I wanted to combine what I studied, Tourism, with the practical side. I liked the idea of sharing tips about traveling on a budget and showing people that travel doesn’t have to be expensive.
On EuroTribe you’ll find lots of articles on independent travel, city and country guides but also various other topics I’m interested at such as culture and cool local experiences.
This blog is for anyone who is interested in Europe and is wanting to discover this beautiful continent, and my mission is to encourage you to travel and learn more about yourself. So welcome and I hope you enjoy reading!

EuroTribe On the Web

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